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Energy Gel Addict
Replenishing Happiness


Where is Energy Gel Addict store located?
Ans. We operate online, there’s no physical store at the moment.

How to order?
Ans. We are in the midst of adding in shopping cart feature, at the moment ONLY 2 EASY STEPS when buying from us!
1) Call/Sms/Email/Whatsapp tell us your name, mobile, mailing address and your order.
2) Once amount is confirmed, make payment by Internet Banking, ATM fund transfer or PayPal.

Internet Banking / ATM fund transfer details:
- Pay to DBS Savings Plus Account 074-9-021612 (can omit the '-' but must include the zero).
- If required account holder name indicate Khoo Kian Cheong.
- REMEMBER to email us your transaction reference name once you have made the payment.
- Please note if you are using banks other than DBS/POSB it may take 3-5 working days for the fund to reach us.

PayPal details:
- We will send you the PayPal payment request. Please give us your email address which you used for your PayPal account.
- Do note you can also now top up your PayPal account using your DBS/POSB banking account.

Can I choose the flavors?

Ans. Yes you may indicate the flavors you prefer and the quantity.

What are the expiry dates of the products?
Ans. We keep our inventory stock fresh, expiry dates are indicated in the various product descriptions. Those closer to expiry we will do clearance sales.

If I buy in bulk any discount?
Ans. Reach us at BuyNow@EnergyGelAddict.com and tell us what you would like to order.

I’m representing a company or organization, I need official quotations and receipts how?
Ans. Email your request to BuyNow@EnergyGelAddict.com.

Do you have all the stocks now?
Ans. Yes we do keep inventory but at times due to certain events or promotions our stocks may run low fast but not to worry replenishments are always on the way.

One box of energy gels (24 pkts) I don’t need that many, can I buy in smaller quantity?
Ans. You may opt to buy 12 packets. Or you can also try to ask your friends to share with you and it’s more cost effective too.

Are your items available in retail shops?
Ans. We distribute a number of brands, some are exclusive and available online only.

Do you have better offers for clubs and teams?
Ans. Email us at BuyNow@EnergyGelAddict.com we can discuss.

Do you all sponsor events or races?
Ans. Email your proposal to BuyNow@EnergyGelAddict.com we can explore.

What are your contact numbers and email addresses?
Ans. We pride ourselves being customer centric so we are just a call away. You may contact Alan at +65 9761 2562 or Can Cheong at +65 8333 0051. Our mail address is BuyNow@EnergyGelAddict.com.

Is there any minimum order for purchases?
Ans. There’s no minimum amount for purchases.

Are prices in SGD or USD?
Ans. Prices stated are in SGD unless otherwise stated.

How come our prices are the most competitive in town?
Ans. We source products from distributors, buy in bulk and with low overhead costs unlike brick and mortar businesses so we are able to pass the savings back to you!

Are the products genuine?
Ans. No gimmicks products are 100% genuine from distributors.


Can I pay via PayPal?
Ans. Yes please provide us your email address that you associate with your PayPal account.

Can I pay via credit card?
Ans. Direct credit card payment is not available at the moment. However, when you opt to pay via PayPal, if you don’t wish to login to PayPal to make payments, you can straight away choose to pay via credit card too.

Can I pay cash?
Ans. For self pick up yes you may pay cash. For delivery to your office or residence, we outsource the delivery and the delivery guys are not allowed to collect cash from customers thus we would need you to pay us first.

What’s your bank account type, account holder name and bank branch?
Ans. DBS Savings Plus Account 074-9-021612, if required account holder name indicate Khoo Kian Cheong, Suntec branch code is 074 and bank code is 7171. For UOB the bank code is 7375 and branch code is 015.

After making payment what should I do?
Ans. Drop us an email with your transaction reference number, delivery address and mobile number.

What payment modes are available?
Ans. Internet bank fund transfer, ATM fund transfer, PayPal, Credit Cards (via PayPal) and Cash (only for self pick up).

Any other hidden costs?
Ans. What you see is what you get, no GST, no service charge etc! Just add delivery cost this is it! And do keep a look out for our promotions, at times we offer free shipping or flat shipping rate. We strive to offer the most competitive pricing in town and out of town with great customer experience!


What are the delivery options available?
Ans. We using mainly courier service and Singapore Post for our deliveries. You may also opt for express delivery at higher cost, email us for pricing. Else you may also opt for self pick up at Commonwealth Drive Blk 50 opposite Commonwealth MRT.

What address should I state for the delivery?
Ans. You may indicate either office or residential address. If you are staying in newer residences whereby the postal staff access the letterbox from behind so if there’s no one at home, the post man will drop the parcel into the letterbox from behind.

If there’s no one at home during the delivery how?
Ans. If delivery is via Singapore Post, they will leave a note slip at your door way informing you to pick up the item from the nearest post office located within your neighborhood. If via courier you can arrange for re-delivery.

How much is the delivery?
Ans. We make things simple for you, our local delivery fee is $2.70 flat. So the more you order the more savings you enjoy! At times do also watch out for our promotions whereby we offer free delivery for certain items.

What time is the delivery and can I choose the timing?
Ans. Delivery will be during weekday office hours. If delivery is via Singapore Post we have no control over the timing, we are sorry we cannot arrange for deliveries at specific timings. If delivery is via courier you may opt for morning delivery 9am-12noon or 2pm-5pm or 5pm-8pm.

How many days does it take for the order to reach me?
Ans. Upon confirm receiving your fund, it will generally take 2-3 working days for the order to reach you.

Where can I self-pick up?
Ans. Commonwealth Drive Blk 50 opposite Commonwealth MRT, Aljunied MRT or Lor Chuan MRT (evening only), please contact us to make prior arrangements.

Can you ship overseas?
Ans. Yes email us the items you want to order and tell us which country you want to ship to and we will revert back to you on the shipping charges.

Can you deliver to other places like hotels?
Ans. Yes we can, let us know in advance what you want to order and when you want the delivery to be made.


Any known side effects for energy gels?

Ans. They are safe and do not contain banned substances. They are being used by many professional athletes worldwide for their races and competitions.

How many energy gels should I consume?
Ans. Consume one before race/training and thereafter every 45mins consume one.

Can I use energy gels for IPPT?
Ans. Of course you can, in fact we used them for our IPPT tests!

How to carry energy gels for races?
Ans. You may place them inside SPIBelt which we are selling. It can also be used to hold your running tag number or bib.

Are there any energy gels, bars etc made from organic ingredients?
Ans. Yes you may want to consider Clif or Hammer products.

Why Clif Shot Bloks are recommended for cyclists?
Ans. It’s because of the way it’s designed. It’s in a tube form with chewable blocks inside so you can actually consume it with one hand and stuck it away behind your cycling jersey when you are riding. But of course runners and other althetes can use and benefit from Bloks too.

Why one needs Nuun hydration drinks?
Ans. Proper hydration is very important be it for competitive or leisure athletes, so make sure you are well hydrated as it can hinder your performance.

What is caffeine inside the energy gels for?
Ans. To give you that extra ‘kick’ and make you more alert especially when you are tired.

Which energy gel has the highest caffeine content?
Ans. At the moment Clif Turbo energy gels contains 100mg of caffeine per packet.

How do I store the supplements?
Ans. Try to avoid storing them under direct sun light or warm places.

Which brand is better?
Ans. As everyone is different, some may have preference over certain brands. One has to try in order to find out. By the way, all the energy gels carried by us are popular and well received by many athletes so you need not worry. At times users choose a certain brand also because it has a particular flavor that they like. 

For children, can they consume energy gels, chews or bars?
Ans. Yes they can, take those without caffeine as they are already hyper active you don’t want to kick them into overdrive mode.

Which flavor is the best tasting?
Ans. Taste is subjective. It’s like asking whether one prefers fast food from big ‘M’ or ‘B’. If you are not sure, we advise you to get the assorted flavors box to try out first. For future orders, you can then tell us what flavors you prefer.

Compression Wear

Can I exchange my compression wear?
Ans. As per policy from the respective manufacturers, once compression wear is sold and tried on they cannot be exchanged.

What color of compression wear do you all have?
Ans. We carry mainly black and white color compression wear as they are the most popular colors.

Which brand of compression wear is better? How to choose?
Ans. This will depend on your budget too. For a start one can try Under Armour compression wear from America which is good and value for money. For more advanced users, they can consider CEP compression wear.

How to wash and care for your compression wear?
Ans. Do not use any conditioner when washing compression wear. If you are using machine to wash, place the compression wear inside a laundry bag so as to avoid damaging the compression fabric.

How to choose compression wear sizes?

Ans. Kindly follow the size charts on our website for the respective brands of compression wear. Do not guess or estimate the sizes, try to take exact measurements as goods once sold is non-refundable.

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